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At A Glance is made up of over 100 pages of vital facts and figures for all family practitioners and is used in court and negotiation at all levels. Tables in the book include Duxbury, Income tax and Gross Salary and net income calculations (see full contents on the order page).

Updated annually with the latest rates, Budget changes, leading cases and essential rules, this is one of the few family law books you cannot afford to be without.

This year’s edition includes:

  • All Tables and other materials fully updated for use in 2023/24
  • Latest Budget changes incorporated for use in tax year 2023/24
  • The Galbraith Tables and corresponding commentary
  • New table on Child Maintenance – The Court

At A Glance is a slim, portable guide and is fully tabbed, allowing the relevant section to be found instantly, making it a useful volume to have by your side in court or negotiation.

New Law Journal says:
“There’s useful material on the financial remedies courts and their zone hubs; the usual puff for the IFLA arbitration scheme; sufficient on costs to scare you; and the other tables you have come to love. Without it, you’ll run the risk of looking or sounding (dependent on which form of remote has got you out of bed) a fool.”

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