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Family Affairs is the FLBA's tri-annual magazine, which aims to keep members up to date with events around the country and important developments in family law and procedure. Available to members.

The FLBA's At A Glance has become 'the bible' for financial remedy practitioners in its twenty eight years of success. How to buy the 2020-21 edition.

National Committee


Elected Members


Cyrus Larizadeh QC   Chairman


Hannah Markham QC  Vice-Chairman  


Charlotte Hartley       Secretary


James Roberts QC        Treasurer


Mark Twomey QC   


Joy Brereton             


Naomi Madderson


Mani Basi  (Under 7 years’ call)


Thomas Harvey  (Under 7 years’ call)


Mehvish Chaudhry     (Joint Equality & Diversity Officer)      


Peter Newman


Tim Parker   



Regional Representatives:


Jeremy Weston QC                West Midlands                          


Sarah Pope                             Bristol, BANES, N Som @ Gloucs


Katharine Bundell                    East Anglia                                


Nigel Page                              East Midlands                           


Richard Agar                          Kent & Sussex (Co-Chair)


Lynne McFadyen                    Kent & Sussex (Co-Chair)        


Jayne Pye                               Yorkshire


Corinne Iten                             Wessex                                  



Co-opted members (Automatic)


Leanne Targett- Parker  (Bar Council)


Katherine Duncan           (Bar Council)


Jacqueline Thomas QC    (Bar Council)


Natasha Shotunde       (Bar Council)


Cleo Perry QC


Morgan Sirikanda




Katy Rensten


Sam King QC           (Joint Equality & Diversity Officer)        


Leslie Samuels QC


Bibi Badejo


Melissa Elsworth       (Under 7 years’ call)                              






Kate Burnell                             Northwest (excl M’cr)                


Susan Grocott QC (Co-Chair) Manchester  


Justin Gray                              NorthEast


Neil Owen-Casey                    North Wales &Chester               


Ruth Henke QC                       South Wales East


Ruth Henke QC                       South Wales West


James Hayward (Co-Chair)  Devon & Cornwall


Sara Trumper (Co-Chair)  Devon & Cornwall



Current co-opted members


John Wilson QC    Editor Family Affairs


Timothy Scott QC  International Liaison  


Siân Smith


James Holmes  


Sam Momtaz QC


Victoria Wilson


Barbara Mills QC  Bar Council Rep


Harry Gates     Bar Council Rep