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Family Affairs is the FLBA's tri-annual magazine, which aims to keep members up to date with events around the country and important developments in family law and procedure. Available to members.

The FLBA's At A Glance has become 'the bible' for financial remedy practitioners in its thirty years of success. How to buy the 2022-23 edition.

National Committee


Elected  Executive Officers


Hannah Markham KC    Chair


James Roberts KC         Vice-Chair


Charlotte Hartley            Secretary


Greg Williams                 Treasurer



Elected Committee Members 



Joy Brereton KC             


Mehvish Chaudhry     (Equality & Diversity)      


Peter Newman


Victoria Wilson


Melissa Elsworth       (Under 7 years’ call)        


Sarah Branson


Darren Howe KC


Samantha Hillas KC


Giorgia Sessi        (Under 7 years’ call)


Petra Teacher





Current co-opted members


John Wilson KC    Editor Family Affairs


Richard Harrison KC  International Liaison


Naomi Madderson


Christina Warner





Co-opted members (Automatic)


Mark Chaloner (Bar Council)


Kate Spence (Bar Council)


Natasha Shotunde (Bar Council)


Sarah Fearon (Bar Council)


Barbara Mills KC (Bar Council)




Lucy Reed KC


Rhys Taylor


Zoë Saunders      (Bar Council Representative) 


Sam King KC           (Equality & Diversity)         


Bibi Badejo


Laura Briggs KC


Elizabeth Darlington


Matthew Maynard

Leonie James   ( Under 7 years’ call)









Sam Momtaz KC


Leslie Samuels KC


Alison Moore










Yaa Dankwa Ampadu-Sackey (Bar Council)


Reagan Persaud (Bar Council)


Leanne Targett-Parker (Bar Council)


Mavis Amonoo-Acquah -Family Justice Council Representative