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Family Affairs is the FLBA's tri-annual magazine, which aims to keep members up to date with events around the country and important developments in family law and procedure. Available to members.

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Sub Committees


The FLBA National Committee now delegates much of its work to sub committees whose members are comprised of National Commitee members and others co-opted from time to time. You can find each sub committee and its members listed below. The Chair is de facto member of all sub committees.



Mark Twomey QC (Joint Chair)


Leslie Samuels QC (Joint Chair):


Mehvish Chaudhry


Joy Brereton


Siân Smith


Neil Owen-Casey


Hannah Markham QC


Bibi Badejo





Fees & Funding

Sam Momtaz QC (Chair)                  


James Roberts QC                      


Greg Williams                           


James Holmes                          


Equality and Diversity committee

Sam King QC (Chair)


Mehvish Chaudhry




Matrimonial finance and property

Chair:  Peter Newman


Victoria Wilson


Charlotte Hartley


Mandy Tanner


Melissa Elsworth



Young Barristers                              

Melissa Elsworth


Mani Basi 


Thomas Harvey



Scholarship committee

Philip Marshall QC (Chair)


James Roberts QC


Naomi Madderson


James Holmes


Wellbeing representatives

Cyrus Larizadeh QC (Chair)   


Victoria Wilson


Vulnerable witnesses working group

Sian Smith (Chair) 


Jayne Pye