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Family Affairs is the FLBA's tri-annual magazine, which aims to keep members up to date with events around the country and important developments in family law and procedure. Available to members.

The FLBA's At A Glance has become 'the bible' for financial remedy practitioners in its thirty years of success. How to buy the 2022-23 edition.

Regional Representatives

Newcastle &North East

Elizabeth Lugg  (Chair)


Lauren Hartley (Secretary)


Tim Donnelly (Treasurer)



Sarah Anning (Chair)


Emily Ward (Secretary)


Neelam Mall  (Treasurer)


North West (Excl Manchester)

Kate Burnell QC (Chair)


Amanda Howard (Secretary)


Leona Harrison (Treasurer)



Susan Grocott QC (Chair)


Kate Pye-Jones (Secretary)


Elisabeth Cooper (Treasurer)


North Wales & Chester   

Neil Owen-Casey (Chairman, Treasurer)


West Midlands  

Elizabeth Isaacs QC (Chair)


Mark Cooper   (Secretary)


Carolyn Jones (Treasurer)



East Midlands 

Claire Howell (Chair)


Katie Miller (Secretary)


Andrew Wren (Treasurer)



Corinne Iten (Chair)


Daniel Nother (Secretary)


Steven Howard (Treasurer)

East Anglia

Katharine Bundell (Chair)


Daniel  Messenger  (Secretary)


Laura Cooke


South Wales West 

Ruth Henke QC (Chair)


Kate Smith (Secretary)


Natasha Moran (Treasurer)


South Wales East 

Ruth Henke QC (Chair)


Owen Thomas QC (Secretary)


Kate Hughes (Treasurer)


Bristol, BANES, N Som & Gloucs

Sarah Pope (Chair)


Sarah Jennings (Secretary)


Esther Lieu (Treasurer)


Devon & Cornwall

James Hayward (Co Chair)


Sara Trumper (Co Chair, Treasurer))  


Jeremy Rawlings (Secretary)


Kent & Sussex 

Richard Ager (Co Chair)


Lynn McFadyen (Co Chair)


Amanda Minto (Secretary &Publicity)


Christopher Stringer (Social Secretary)


Christopher Rice (Treasurer)